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This is our guestbook. Here you will find the opinion of some of our guests and also people who come to visit
our home page. It is very important for us to listen to our opinion about .This will help us serve you even better.


" Those were wonderful days. inn is all good (accommodation, breakfast, Marilda and could not forget the Yasmin and Fafinha) Just have to thanks Lori and Civia and the days we were together. You are special people. Returned . Riverfront already planning a return We renewed physically and spiritually Kisses, miss."

Rose and Carlos - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

" If you enjoy a distinctive architecture and beautiful decor in a cozy atmosphere, plus a breakfast - really -.. delicious, this is right place In addition, there is the friendliness of the owners of a couple, who enjoy the place can annotate there: for two programming is the delightful climate of the mountain Enjoy!!. ."

Roberto & Ana Martha - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

" ! Excellent hostel quite liked the care and attention given by all Breakfast very good and excellent infrastructure, well managed and kept back for sure!."

André e Sabrina - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

" What can I say Pousada Bromelia, Sabia & Co. .. I just have to thank the owners of the inn, Mr. Lorinaldo and his wife Civia are great hosts! can not forget the loving d. Marilda with delicious cream avocado and scrambled eggs served at breakfast wonderful. A hostel is wonderful! From knack that envisioned for the day of the anniversary of my great love, my wife ... Congratulations! indication Great for those who will enjoy the chill of the mountain .. ."

Rene e Sonia - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

" We loved our stay Very comfortable and quiet definitely return IAFA and Yasmin Missing rs!.. ."

Garcia e Nisis Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

" Congratulations, Lori and the Civia Beautiful guesthouse with quaint décor, offering the desired comfort The affectionate care of you is another differential Thanks for everything....."

Mariana e André Ijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

" The silence that fills and calm, the beauty of nature that teaches hope without fear, the wonderful weather, the cafe with delicious taste all morning, the warmth and friendliness of the employees of the owners. gained space This special place in my heart and that's where I go back (even in thought) every time I need a little fresh air and peace! Thank Civia, Lorinaldo and Marilda!."

Com saudades,Luana Epel.Rio de Janeiro.

" Chère Civia et cher Lorinaldo, Très bon souvenir de notre court séjour en pleine nature. La pousada est très confortable , les petits déjeuners excellent. Accueil exceptionnellement attentif. Merci.."

SEFKATLI Mehmet & Françoise - France

" Loved the hostel is very cozy, well decorated ... really thought through all the details are to be congratulated The inn is beautiful A big hug!."

Lucia e Santana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" This hostel was chosen to live moments of extreme delivery place .... The chalet will be marked forever in our memories .... besides the affection with which we were welcomed from the moment of arrival. was definitely a milestone for us Surely .... back!!."

Andrea & Adriano- Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Loved our stay, we were spoiled. Too bad it ended quickly. Kisses and see you soon .

Daniel e Vanessa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Hello friends! Would like to thank, on behalf of myself and my wife Cindy, excellent stay in this hostel, the warm and welcoming atmosphere that we had and the tireless dedication of you, owners and staff, makes us miss before departure. Surely we will can back.Thank you ..."

Fabiano Cremonini - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" First of all I would say that those who like comfort, safety, quality of life, personalized service, will be in place, unique, never felt so welcomed and with an affection that is not seen anywhere by owners (Civia and Lorinaldo), spent my honeymoon here and will definitely come back every year in celebration of my marriage, it is a place that u and will never forget, for such beauty.It's amazing, magical and only those who love really likes to check this place u will not get much unlike arrenpender will want to go always nice trip Tenderly!!."

Verônica & Jorge Marrafa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" I spent my honeymoon honeymoon in Bromeliad almost three years ago and to this day I dream of returning. were wonderful days, only we were staying and we were treated as children by their owners. Hopefully the wedding anniversary that year back.'re already making plans ".".

Eveline Cruz Oliveira Coutinho - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" indescribable, wonderful place, the care and comfort. Aside from breakfast a delight in any hostel we were treated so well. Congratulations especially to Mr.. Lori treated us as if we already knew at the time. chale What tasty and cozy, very well celebrate our silver wedding anniversary soon be back with our daughter LOVED ALL "..

Charles e Fatima - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Loved the hostel is a charm The service from the staff until the owner and first place of charm and romanticism spent pleasant and relaxing days at the inn again and I recommended it to all my friends....".

Bernardette Amaral - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" MARVELOUS the inn, the exceptional treatment given by the owners, always very attentive and friendly. Employees do not fall short. Perfect. Photographs of the site are true, everything is very nice, clean and pleasant. Loved and state. Thanks for everything kisses.".

Cristiane e Alfredo - RJ

" The Inn exceeded our expectations, a family atmosphere, with very helpful and pleasant staff. Everything that appears on the site live is even better, the breakfast is amazing, every detail, music, delicious delicacies. The room we stayed is very comfortable and beautiful. Our trip has compensated only by the Pousada, although Teresopolis be very nice Thanks to all of you! .. Especially the Lorinaldo a courtesy only ".

Sarah e Dilermano - SP

" We returned invigorated the São Paulo stress. It was a very relaxing and welcoming stay and Civia Lorinaldo! We knew Teresopolis / Petropolis and love everything. When we get back, we have to get right address! !. Worth!".

Cleideli e André - SP

" To greet him, would like to thank for the beautiful reception that was given to us during our passage during the weekend. We were very pleased with the service, with the kindness and the beauty of the space. Ask his wife to convey our sincere greetings.".

Antonio Guilherme Telles Ribeiro

" We have never been treated so well as the Inn Bromeliad Sabia! Every corner, every detail, all beautifully planned ... We appreciate the attention we were given and we guarantee we will be back! God willing, and He will want to! Even more ... - The Coffee - Never seen anything like it! Congratulations".

Margarida e Bruno - MG

" Wonderfully satisfied. friozinho The dark is all good.'s service, the rooms, the decor, the landscaping, everything minutely well maintained and in good taste. Detail of the room where the entrance to the bathroom is a huge mirror show is ! And breakfast? Almost lunch! has everything to taste. fruits, breads, biscuits, cheeses, jams, jellies addition to the personal attention of the cook, serving the customers request the table. felt greatly missed . Place We desire to return home is cozy as Mother Very good Another detail is the craft fair and everything good has to offer Teresopolis hope you enjoy as we took Another reminder:..... Carry the camera, you will need you next "."

Paula & Edvando
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" I am delighted with the beauty of the place, where everything is very beautiful.'s inn, surrounded by National Park is extremely warm and welcoming. Attendance of Mr. and Mrs. Lori. his wife is something indescribable, without comment. never felt so . home I had the pleasure of staying at the brand new Cottage Orchid All of extreme good gosto.Meus sincere congratulations to the owners hope to return many times."

Marco Aurélio e Vanessa Cristina
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" És un paraiso y calenta nuestras vidas, gracias del atención. Besos, hasta!."

Curitiba - Paraná

" Could not have chosen a better place to celebrate our anniversary with Eduardo dating and present him with a weekend at this inn so beautiful and charming! want to thank the hospitality of Lori and Civia who with her affection, attention and tips become further our special celebration. Hopefully be back soon! Thank you for EVERYTHING! Kisses ."

Fabiana e Eduardo

" An exceptional place! Through the Internet I had a brief idea of how the accommodation, but the site is not able to show the couple Civia size charisma and Lori. Congratulations inn and wish to continue always."

Pedro e Alessandra

" I loved the hostel, treatment, all ... I hope to return this year to enjoy this bellissima and enchanted inn.."

Ana Cristina E Valmir

" Many people say they loved it and think about going back We've returned several times because it really is a wonderful place, with attendance note Civia thousand Congratulations to you and Lori.! ."

Francisco & Jane - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" A piece of Paradise awaits in this charming guesthouse do not need more than a few moments to feel absolutely seduced not only by location but also by hosting its owners -. Lori and the couple Civia -. officials and perfect moments spent in Bromeliad and Sabia! And we left with the certainty that beyond friendship of the brave couple, whenever possible this haven of beauty, romance and tranquility is within our reach! Thank you for having us fondly size and delicacy! A big hug .."

Cris e Marcos Marinho
Rio de Janeiro / RJ

" Care and Lodging note 1000. was all very wonderful, especially the reception of Mr. and his wife Lori, not to mention that the hostel is beautiful, cozy and unforgettable! Breakfast is incomparable to any other place. Which rice pudding ! Hope to be back soon for sure. Sr. and his wife Lori, thank you for everything. You have made our wedding anniversary stay even more memorable.."

Allan e Tatiana
Rio de Janeiro / RJ

" There are few places as nice. Both the hostel, which is a real charm, as the attention of the owners (and Lorinaldo Civia) who welcomed us so warmly. The Breakfast is a true spectacle, always has some novelty worthy of filling eyes and arguably the palate.'s Suites are worthy of the best accommodations, not to mention the level of cleanliness. Undoubtedly note 10. I'm coming back in August ... A Hug .."

Antonio e Tatiana Bandeira

" If you love nature, stay at Pousada Bromeliad, Sabia & Co., located in Teresopolis pleasant place. VIP We were delighted with the attendance of the couple Civia and Lori and surely be back as soon as possible, so we enjoy the delicacies the place .."

Ana Maria e Hugo Goldemberg
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" ! Try Paradise is here ...! "

Selma e Joseph Segal
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Birdsongs, the green forests and colorful flowers all contribute to a rare scenario. Warmth, attention, affection and Lori Civia make the` Bromelia Sabia adn Co. an unforgettable place. Congratulations. "

Assis , publicitário e Consuelo , professora
Belo Horizonte - MG

" Great place for peace and quiet! "

Flávio & Olga
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" The hostel is in greater environmental awareness. Gorgeous Atlantic and preserved neighborhood of Teresopolis. From there you can see the finger of God, the wart Friar and the Organ Mountains very closely.'s Indescribable! "

Sérgio Loques
Taxi da Serra - Teresópolis - RJ

" Empyreo Granja Guarany (Greek word meaning home of the gods) "

Fernando Sampaio e Neusa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" From Great taste, the place gives you everything you could want for a great weekend The exceptional care of the couple Civia and Lori makes you have no desire to return home. "

Karen e Renato
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Every detail was thought of fondly Congratulations.! "

Ana Luisa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" The Inn is very entacantadora, and in a place surrounded by nature, which makes the environment also becomes more wonderful is just fantastic.."

Valéria Cristina
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Nothing better than pleasure, and that we had throughout the weekend The sheer pleasure of feeling good."

Marcus Augusto da Silva Lopes
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Faced with such warmth ante dazzle of its size Inn becomes difficult to make any wonderful comentário.Simplesmente. The Inn is a piece of paradise and the hosts are his angels. Every detail in the site we observe good taste, the delicacy and care of their hosts so nothing falte.Parabéns both and succeed in your endeavors Thanks for having us was immeasurable pleasure."

Paulo e Laís
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" I would like to congratulate with a score of 10, the service that was offered. Loved the accommodations, very nice, quiet and pleasant the entire guest recommend to everyone. Be sure to try the desserts that are offered At the inn are wonderful. Congratulations!"
Paulo Favaron
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Hello Civia, how long! I will remind you a little bit ... We go on a hike in the Yosemite National Park, and ended up doing a few things from the time child, remember ... We took a lot of old beard! think now you remembered, are me and Nilda, hope you're well! Sorry for not having been in contact before, but our time is very short here in Rio We're full of missed you, our little friend IAFA, and talking about her, how is she?. We are thinking of going back to B again in June, if all goes certo.Bem, I will end here but u will be long in telinha.Desejamos . many congratulations to you, your spouse, IAFA, their daughters and their employees We are dying of longing ..... Kiss."
Andressa & Nilda
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" It was a trip because we did not know much anticipation Teresopolis When faced with the hostel, was really the greatest wonder Comfort, elegance and impeccable hospitality ... We enjoyed every ... corner."
Patrícia e Robson
São Paulo - SP

" I never thought I would find the internet such a beautiful lodge like this We were very well received, and will be back for sure."
Cristine e Marcelo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" With a very cozy atmosphere, beautiful nature and very friendly managers this place is definitely advisable to visit."
Fernanda Fronterotta e Morten Stougaard
Niteroi - RJ

" Me and my boyfriend were delighted with the place. Lot of green, clean air, tastefully furnished and cozy, a great breakfast without counting the VIP treatment given by their owners Lori and owner Civia. If u want a quiet place, very green, very good food and a family atmosphere .... come to Pousada Bromelia, Wise and Co. ... me and my boyfriend we can not wait to return to this paradise."
Giselle Mendonça
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" Wonderful Congratulations!!! Congratulations Surely never been so well received. Everywhere we see the" fingers "of Civia and Lori Everything is very tasteful, and refinement .... I felt like a queen. guys to have an idea to a fried egg for breakfast is served like a plate of haute cuisine, but had been able tb meals are made by Civia own q owns the place and beyond and decorator lawyer is a "chef de cuisine" ***** stars, thanks for hotter "coquille" Until I have ever eaten any day.'ll be back and if God willing and IT's like."
Lucia Maria de Carvalho Ramos
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" The hostel gives the impression you are being received at the home of parantes very ones that make you lose the will to no attention to what you need, feel safe and snug."
Marcelo Cavalcante - FIGURISTA DA TV GLOBO
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" I imagined I was preparing a romantic surprise for my boyfriend, it was a small rapto.O I did not imagine it would surprise me even more with solicitous care of all employees, and especially, with the sympathy and affection with which Civia and Lori received us. And that is priceless ... We, me and my boyfriend even more passionate in this quiet, elegant and romantic atmosphere, maintained personally by proprietários.Parabéns! Thank you!"
Karla Sampaio Schimidt
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

" We love to travel and meet new and different places, but no demagoguery, we have never been treated so well and" fed "(that wonderful food, and lemon cake huh? Seriously!!). Went away with eagerness to return as soon as possible, added to this we meet and make new friends (especially Marcia, Patricia and Chulamis). Civia and Lori, thank you for caring, education and complimentary of you. Pousada is great! See you soon"
Silvia e Raphael
Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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