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The city of Teresopolis is 92 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Embedded like a jewel in the Organ Mountains, with an altitude of 910 meters is the highest city of Rio, which gives it a mild and very pleasant climate in summer and in winter, the chill of the mountain, quite inviting for good wine by the fireplace.

The quality of life and natural beauty to attract Teresopolis people from all parts of the world. It is no coincidence that here lies the headquarters of the Football World Champion , Granja Comary in the shadow of the Finger of God. Their agricultural vocation makes it one of the main centers of the state supply of vegetables. Incidentally, it is worth a visit to the interior of the municipality where you have contact with large plantations, glimpsing spectacular scenery, having a direct contact with the green and the hospitality of the man inside.

Teresopolis is a great gastronomic center of the region and has several other leisure alternatives, such as bathing in waterfalls, fountains of crystal clear waters, all without forgetting the Handicraft Market of Teresopolis, one of the largest and most popular in the country. When visiting Teresopolis you run the risk of falling in love with her and end up like many others who moved here. But if you can not change yourself for once, will always have the opportunity to stay in Bromeliad, Sabiá & Cia and revise it when miss hit.

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